Your children will love their time with others their age! Hope Kids, our children's church, is available during the 10:30am service in Tempe. 

Nursery & Preschool: Infants - 5 years old

Elementary: 6 - 12 years old

Enjoy worship together as a family. Then during the break, there will be an announcement to meet our Hope Kids team outside of the gymnasium.

You'll sign your children in and provide your phone number just in case we need to reach you! Then you'll walk with our team to the Hope Kids' room, which is also in the Westside Multi-Generational CenterAfter service, you'll walk back over to the room and sign your child out.

Our staff and volunteers are ready to provide a great experience for your child. Everyone on our Hope Kids team has gone through a background check to ensure your little ones are safe. You can relax knowing your children are having a fun time learning about the Bible!